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About us


A professional service from a highly

experienced company, providing hawk flying sessions to scare problem birds like pigeon and seagulls. Based in Yorkshire, but available across mainland UK,

Hawk Busters can solve your pest control problem with

our regular sessions and ‘one off’ flights.

Harris Hawk
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Aerial view of warehouse storages or industrial factory or logistics center from above. Aerial view of industrial buildings at sunset

Factories, warehouses, schools, hospitals, agricultural sites

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How it works

Our highly trained hawks fly free at your site on a regular basis. Harris hawks are known for their impressive

hunting skills and are often used in falconry to control pest bird populations. Their presence alone is usually

enough to scare off pigeons and seagulls due to their predatory nature. Harris hawks are highly intelligent birds of prey that work well in groups, making them effective at deterring other birds from an area. Their hunting

instincts and ability to fly swiftly and silently make them a natural predator that can help keep

pest bird populations in check without causing harm to the environment.

If you are interested in our services, we offer a FREE visit to meet you and your team,where you can

show us where the problem birds are nesting or causing mess and disruptions. We can then

demonstrate by flying one of our hawks for you to see how it works yourself.

Sound on for this clip - Seagulls scattering around with one of our hawks sat on the roof

Nesting near you is enough to cause problems with your place of work or even home. Watch the result of our hawk scaring pigeon away.

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Harris Hawk

Highly intelligent and aggressive raptor found

native to the USA and South America.

Popular in falconry

for their diversity and relaibilty.

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About us

Hawk busters is owned by Ryan Stocks, a British

falconer who has worked with many different spieces of birds of prey since 2010. This includes hand rearing and training owls, hawks, falcons and Eagles, providing services for game shows and country fetes and offering flying experiences.

Over the years, Ryan has worked as a pest control falconer at sites including vehicle depots, agricultural venues, factories, recycle sites and industrial estates. Ryan setup Hawk Busters in January 2024 as it’s own business, which has now got over five team members who have all completed health and safety courses and are fully trained in flying hawks at pest control sites.

Ryan with his Steppe's Eagle Storm
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